10 Beds for 10 Beds

A small milestone happened yesterday....and it was on a Monday.

10 bed mats.

10 blankets.

10 mosquito nets.

10 Bibles.

I've shipped out 10 of the new bed style since it launched. And that means, I was able to donate 10 of all the things above to Sweet Sleep to help Ugandan children NOT sleep on dirt floors with the threat malaria and disease looming at night.

This is my first donation to Sweet Sleep . Doing this gives great meaning to what a sale (and the work that goes on behind one) represent. In addition to a durable, eco-friendly, attractive pet bed for my customer, a Cozy Cama sale means someone in the world is sleeping safely and securely with a little more hope. 

I needed this yesterday.

You see, my friend, it is my belief as a small retailer that we can HAVE amazing things and DO amazing things with our dollars.

But lately, I've felt a little lost in the the retail craze of the post Thanksgiving weekend.

Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Facebook Ads - Ads - Ads - More Ads. 

As a "retailer"...even a little one....I feel pressure and I see TONS of facebook ads on "how to get your dollars". I've been seeing these types of ads for months on the business end...and, of course, on the consumer end, I'm getting LOTS of "buy this" ads as well. It's beginning to get in THE WAY of my holiday spirit and THAT is NOT OK!!!!

So, let's all do this:

This holiday season, be sure you tune out some of these ads and just spend time with the people and pets you love doing the things you love. There is no gift greater than your time. Get out there and make those memories, people.

I'm not here to convince you to BUY BUY BUY NOW NOW NOW. 

But, I will let you know that I created a small sale on my website.

Currently everything on my site is 25% off and that lasts until November 30, 2017. 

If you want a Cozy Cama for Christmas for someone you love, I must confess, that's a pretty nice discount.

If you're interested, the code is HOLIDEAL , and I promise, you won't see it on any Facebook ads. 

Our holiday cut-off date will be early December to ensure adequate time for delivery of all Christmas gifts.

Have a wonderful day!

Evan & Team Cozy Cama






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