Ch-Ch-Changes! What's the Same & What's Different?

Big Changes. Little Changes. Leg Changes. Wood Changes. 

We've been doing some work and we're pleased as poodles to say it's finished!

If you've been around long enough, you've seen V1 of Cozy Cama. And, it's obvs we've changed our look. You're smart and can totally figure that why did I write that? And this? Hrm.

But, we've been doing some barkin' cool stuff on the back end (the tail end) of the we're dedicating this blog post to the ALL ABOUTs of the new Cozy Cama.

But first, let's just do a quick lil' review of what is the same about this new Cozy Cama bed because it's easier and shorter and faster to start with sames.


Pillow Sizing = SAME.

We still size our beds to fit your old (& smell-tastic) bed pillow. It's a new word...just go with it. It's central to what Cozy Cama is alllllll about.  And friends, this will never change. This is the dog bone (or cat tower) on which our business stands. Your pillow makes the best & most simple & easiest dog bed there is in the whole world. There is no need to reinvent the PILLOW.

FURever = SAME.

We're still here building dog & cat beds that we FULLY intend for your to purchase one time. We actually want you to be our customer just once (as long as you stay in touch via Instagram, ok?).

We want you to go live your life with your dog & cat & friends & family.  Please, enjoy not having to repeat shop for the same item or replacement cushions and waste your precious time on tedious and frustrating tasks like re-buying a dog bed because it sucked and fell apart. 

Responsible Sourcing = SAME.

We stand firmly in the idea that business = responsibility. We sniff out our sources to make sure they're making good stuff and being good to sweet baby Earth. We like helping other lil' businesses do amazing things. We're into honesty. And we're into that OOAK (one of a kind) look - no a la mass manufacturing! #vivalahandmade 


Wood Stain is Out - Natural Beauty is In.

With OG Cozy Cama, we built beds out of 1 wood species (knotty alder) and stained it a desired color. But, since those days, we've gotten wiser! Now, we buy the actual wood that is the color we want the bed to be. Read: We don't buy cherry stain anymore, we buy cherry wood. #smrt

And just why is this is awesome for you? Wood stain can be scratched or nibbled off by your pet. Accidentally. Unintentionally. When this happens you're stuck with obvious color variations and a potential headache.

Now that there's no stain, the fix is easy-peasy. If that accidental scratch or nibble happens, it's easy to remedy. There is no stain matching. There is no touch-up pen. There's just a little dab of linseed oil or shellac and voila! Your bed is back in the beauty business!

And have we mentioned how B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L natural wood looks once oiled? Each piece is unique and handmade by nature (and gorgeous). #iloveyounature

A Bed For A Bed

We love animals. We love humans. We know this world is a big place and it can be a hard place for many children who are born into extreme poverty. We want to help. We are blessed in our American lives to live how we live. At Cozy Cama, we want to pay that blessing forward by helping a children in the world have a safe places to sleep.

No more malaria. No more parasites. No more sleeping on the dirt. For each bed we sell online, we're donating a bed & mosquito net to Sweet Sleep so they can continue their humanitarian work across the world. 

OMG! Hairpin Legs!

Our new bed style incorporates hairpin legs because they're just so slick. And, so timeless, and so simple, and so easy to keep clean because they're made-o-metal. 

But also because: SHIPPING. When we use hairpin legs, we're able to cut our shipping charges down and this saves you money! We pre-drill the holes for you in the bottom of the bed, so when it arrives you do have to do a little screwdrivin'. Grab that phillips head! It looks like this (+). #yougotthis

We source our hairpin legs from a wonderful business based in Michigan and our legs are crafted in Michigan out of local USA steel!

Pillow Sham Included in PURRchase!

I can't resist a PURRRRR....I'm a cat & dog lover, guys.

We're now including a starter sham with the purchase of a Cozy Cama. BECAUSE WE WOOF YOU! I can't seem to resist a WOOF either. ;)

End & Short Wrap Up

So, my friends, let us hope this blog post made sense. It's hard to say goodbye to OG Cozy Cama, but I'm confident in the direction we're heading and look forward to writing more soon. May your day be so awesome and full of wagging tails and sloppy dog kisses. :)

P.S. What do you think of the new design? What does your dog think?



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