Frequently Asked Questions



What are your product sizes?

We build our beds in 3 sizes:

Standard Pillow: Outer Measurement (25x19x11) Sleeping Area: (22.5 x 16.5)

Queen Pillow: Outer Measurement (29x19x11) Sleeping Area: (26.5x16.5)

King Pillow: Outer Measurement (35x19x11) Sleeping Area: (31.5 x 16.5)


What size should I order for my dog?

Here are a few suggestions when determining what size to order:

  • Measure your dog from base of tail to collar and compare to dimensions above.
  • Ask yourself how your dog likes to sleep: curled up or stretched out?
  • Grab pillows from your bed and ask yourself, “Would my dog fit on this?”.
  • Contact us and we’ll be glad to help!

Standard Size: Tiny Dogs: Chihuahuas, Shihtzus, Yorkies, Pomeranians, Llasa Apsas

Queen Size: Small Dogs: French Bulldogs, Jack Russell Terriers, Pugs

King Size: Medium Dogs: Australian Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Border Collies, & Spaniels

Please Note: Every dog is unique. Even within a specific breed sizes can vary. Examples above are a not a guarantee a specifc dog breed will fit in a certain size. Please use examples above as reference points and contact us with questions.


Do you offer custom sizes?

Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer our beds to fit standard, queen, and king pillows. If you have a request for a bed that is smaller than what we build, it’s possible we can build that for you. Contact us.


Do you offer a size for large dogs?

Our largest size is designed to fit a king size pillow and is ideal for medium size dogs. We do have some large dogs that like to squeeze themselves into a king size, but I wouldn’t recommend ordering a king for a large breed dog. 




What kind of wood do you use?

We currently build our beds from Knotty Alder sourced from forests in the pacific northwestern U.S. states. Our wood is certified through the Forest Stewardship Council. That means it’s harvested from responsibly managed U.S. Forests.


How durable are your products?

Our beds are made of wood. Wood is durable and repairable, unlike fabric dog beds. We do not offer any chew-proof guarantees on our products. And we advise you that if your dog chews on your wooden furniture frequently, it’s probably not a great idea to purchase one of our beds.


Are your beds chew-proof?

No, we can’t make any chew-proof guarantees for our beds. We can, however, help you repair your bed should your dog chew on it. We offer a reFURbishing kit that includes sandpaper and touch up stain in case your dog nibbles on the bed. Just email us if you need one.


How do I clean my bed?

You can wipe your bed down just like you would any piece of furniture. Our beds are elevated for easier cleaning around and under.


What types of stains/finishes do you use?

We use a variety of non-toxic stains, milk paints, and finishes on our beds. Every single product we use is environmentally friendly. We care about the safety of your pet and our air quality while working. 


Can I order a custom stain color? I’d like to match my furniture.

Sure, contact us and let’s talk about that! We want your dog bed to be something you love that fits with your style! We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.


Can I order a bed unstained and unfinished?

Yes, you can! We love the DIY dog parents out there! Just contact us if you'd like a raw bed so you can UNleash your creativity!


Do your beds require any assembly?

No, beds are fully assembled by us and ready for relaxation upon arrival. ;)




What are CozyCases?

CozyCases are our line of fun and durable pillow shams designed to cover your pillow.


What kind of fabric do you use for your CozyCases?

We use cotton fabrics designed for upholstery use made in a factory in Mississippi. Our fabrics are usually in the 7 ounce range and are able to withstand more “love” from your dog than traditional pillow case fabrics.


How do I wash my CozyCase?

Wash like you would any pillow sham. Expect a little shrinkage the first time you wash. We added an extra inch all around so that when you do wash, the Case will actually shrink to the intended size.


Do I have to order a CozyCase?

Absolutely not! Our beds are designed to fit standard, queen, and kind size pillows. So, you can cover your pillow with anything you want! 




How are orders shipped?

We ship our beds UPS ground. CozyCases are shipped via USPS. We ship from Quinlan, TX.


Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally due to the extremely high costs.


How quickly are orders shipped after I order?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.


Why are your shipping charges so high?

Great Question! It’s because our boxes are BIG. We ship fully assembled and we actually absorb part of the shipping charges to keep costs as low as possible.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we actually do offer free shipping when you purchase 1 bed + 2 CozyCases




What if my order contains a defective product?

If you receive that is damaged or in some way defective please let us know! We’ll work with you to make it right. We want happy customers.


What is your return policy?

NON-CUSTOMIZED ITEMS: We accept returns & exchanges within 14 days of order arrival. Return shipping expenses will be incurred by the buyer and deducted from refunded amount. Money will be refunded when item is received by us. Returned items must be in original condition.

CUSTOMIZED ITEMS: We cannot except returns on customized items. Please select customization carefully.


Final Note: We aren't interested in selling you a crappy dog bed. Believe us, there are enough of those out there already! We hand build our beds one at a time in Texas. We're always here to answer questions and for customer support. We want our bed to be loved by both you and your pet. And, we want it to last FURever.

Thanks for reading and if you have other questions, just ask! :)