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Hello, I'm Evan. And that's Leroy. And we're so happy to e-meet you.

We want you to know Cozy Cama exists to satisfy a longing we all have for smart, sustainable & attractive items in our homes for our pets.

A quick stroll down the bedding aisle in any pet store can instantly remind us of the things we don't want in our world (and our home): mass manufactured products inexpensively produced with little regard for durability, washability, or the environment. 

Here, we design & thoughtfully build wooden pet furniture sized to fit human pillows because, quite simply, it just makes life a bit more easy. 

And a bit more smelly. For your dog. In the best way possible.

When you put your old pillow in the bed, you've just gifted your dog with the dreamiest dog bed ever. We all know dogs rely on scent to navigate their world. And as their owner, your scent if EVERYTHING to them and exactly what they want to be breathing in before drifting off into sweet squirrel chasing dreams. #pawtwitch

And, I mean, really, who wants to deal with unstuffing and restuffing a  "*%$#" dog bed on a beautiful Saturday. Wouldn't you rather be outside playing fetch? At a park? With your dog friends? 

Dog bedding really can be as simple as washing a pillow sham. It really can look amazing in your home. And, a dog bed really can last lifetime. We're taking quality back. Sorry China.


Evan & Leroy

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